Why servicing your security system is so important

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Security maintenance normally comes as a bit of an afterthought for most business owners. You might first consider things that are in use every day. Like your vehicles, machinery, or even technology. It’s quite easy to overlook things that are only used every so often and are not always at the forefront of your business. It’s typically things that just work and you only notice the problem when they don’t work. But this can be problematic and cause unwanted cost and stress which can easily be fixed by a solid maintenance plan. 


So if you on the fence about getting security maintenance then here is 3 reasons why it’s a good idea.


You want to make sure it was working properly when you needed it most

In the event that the worst-case scenario happens and your property gets an unwanted intruder then you’ll want to make sure that your security system was working properly. It could be a camera you were meaning to fix or an alarm sensor that you didn’t even know was broken – These are things that are easy to fix and you’ll want to make sure are working at all times. Without a maintenance plan, these are things you won’t even notice during the day-to-day of running a business, and even if you do it’s very easy to just slip the mind so having a maintenance plan for your security system can help prevent faulty systems and keep it running at it’s best when you need it most. Giving you peace of mind you’re always as protected as you need to be. 


You’ll need to compile with standards and regulations

For some security features, it’s a requirement under EU and British health and safety regulations to have them regularly serviced. For fire alarms, this is governed by BS 5389, which states that not only should you carry out a weekly fire alarm system test, but also that any problems with your system should be reported and attended to by your fire protection provider within 24 hours. Having a pre-agreed service and maintenance agreement makes this process a lot easier and smoother – and you’ll continue to ensure that this vital measure is in place in the event of an emergency. For automatic gates and barriers, there’s the Machinery Directive, which again dictates that to be compliant the machinery should be subject to regular maintenance and that a service history should be maintained. The safe operation of automatic gates in your business is vital – they are significant pieces of machinery which if not operating correctly could cause serious injury or death


Make sure you meet insurance requirements

Safety and security measures such as intruder alarms, fire alarms and CCTV systems are subject to the procedures dictated by insurance companies, as well as the police and fire safety organisations. On the off chance that your security system isn’t routinely maintained and not working properly in case of a burglary, almost certainly, you will not have the option to recover your losses from insurance or seek legal action via the police. To guarantee that you’re qualified for police response in a break-in circumstance, your intruder alarm system ought to be checked by an NSI accredited provider regularly – and this is why regular maintenance is so important, making sure the center is receiving a signal from your security system so that in the event of a break-in they can be alerted and take action.

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