5 Home Security Tips

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1. Secure your door

Make sure that your doors are secure enough to pose a difficult obstacle for burglars and think about whether fitting a bar might help make it more secure. We’d suggest contacting the Master Locksmiths Association and ask them to check your doors to make sure they meet British security standards (known as PAS 24:2016).


2. Keep your keys away from intruders

Once the doors of your home have been secured you should keep house or car keys away from the door. This will make it impossible for burglars to reach in and steal your keys. You can buy things like letterbox cages to protect your home but the easiest way to prevent this is to keep your keys away from your doors. So if you have your keys hung on the wall or in a key bowl just make sure it is away from any doors.+


3. Get an alarm system

Sometimes it can be impossible to prevent someone from breaking into your home and if this terrible situation does happen to you – you’ll want to know about it and you’ll want to make sure that the police do too. With a police connected alarm system once the high pitch alarm has been set off to deter your unwelcome guest it will automatically alert you and the police as soon as it happens. If you need more information on intruder alarms then you can visit our intruder alarms page for more information.

You can also stop unwanted guests before they even get into your home – with some intruder alarms you can also get detectors to detect when pressure is applied to windows or when glass breaks – you can even get motion detection.



4. Get a CCTV system

Home CCTV systems can be a great way to protect your home. They can easily be hooked up to your mobile phone and give you alerts whenever your way. They can also be linked to your doorbell which is important as many burglars will ring the doorbell first to check if anyone is home.

One important thing to remember when buying a CCTV system is that it’s important that the cameras capture high-quality images, so in the event that someone does break into your home you stand a good chance of identifying them.



5. Don’t let it appear as you’ve gone on holiday

If you’re going on holiday this year then you should plan ahead to make sure your home doesn’t look empty and an easy target for burglars. The best thing to do is to actually make sure your home is not empty, asking a close friend or family member to house sit your home while you are away. But this isn’t always possible so the next best thing is to make sure your home looks occupied. 


If you’re close to your neighbours you can ask them to park on your drive while your away and also collect your mail for you until you return. If you can’t do that then making sure that regular deliveries like newspaper and milk are canceled and don’t order anything to your home while your away. You can always use a Mail Keepsafe service that will keep your mail secure for up to 100 days.


Lastly, make sure you don’t post about it on social media before and while you are away. Unfortunately, burglars will use platforms like Facebook to plan a break-in so make sure you can’t be targeted by these types of people.


How to improve home security

In summary, to make your home safer and your family safe a couple of small steps can go a long way. Burglars will usually be deterred by the steps you’ve taken as they are always looking for an easy ride. 

If you’re interested in securing your home then be sure to contact us – we always have someone on the other end of the phone happy to help.

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