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CCTV solutions to suit your needs.

We provide a wide range of CCTV equipment suitable for both domestic properties and commercial businesses of all types. Systems vary in complexity and can be tailored to your requirements. We offer equipment with high quality digital recording and the facility to store and transmit images from any place at any time. Images can be viewed on tablet, smart phone or computer.

CCTV Solutions

We offer all types of CCTV systems from high end IP CCTV to HDTVI systems which are all user friendly and can be viewed anytime.



Home camera systems can help to give you peace of mind. Pentagon Security offer a wide range of camera’s that can be used to monitor, detect, recognise and identify. You choose what you want the camera to do for you and we will advise you on the best equipment for the job.

Home cameras and DVR equipment

Our most popular dome cameras offer a clear image day and night and come in black, white and grey. These are external camera’s which can be useful to observe visitors coming to your home, as well as vehicle movements. During the day the image is in colour and at night it switches to black and white. Because of the built-in LED automatic lighting system you can rest assured that images remain clear even in the dark.

We also supply pan, tilt and zoom cameras, and high resolution automatic number plate recognition cameras which can capture moving vehicles travelling at up to 110mph at a distance of 30m

We offer a range of digital video recorders which can be linked to existing computers or televisions and allow simultaneous recording and viewing as well as a split screen view to allow you to watch footage from multiple areas.

Systems can do what you want them to do but in general terms, a typical home camera surveillance system comprises anything from one to four cameras positioned at strategic points around the home, it is usually hard wired and connected to a digital video recording unit (DVR) which allows images from the cameras to be recorded and displayed simultaneously on your home computer, or specific monitor of your choice.

CCTV and IP cameras for business

If you ask Pentagon Security to install one of our SSAIB approved CCTV systems you can rest assured that you will receive a high quality, professional service

These days most forward thinking businesses make use of current technology to aid extra security to their business and provide safety for their staff and visitors. Commercial premises can me monitored internally and externally with an SSAIBPentagon Security CCTV system that can be interfaced with your intruder and access control systems to provide images which are permissible as evidence in a court of law.

The most popular cameras used in commercial premises are PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) and anti vandal cameras which are reliable and ensure the system is not compromised. There are a wide range of these and other camera available to suit the needs of your business.

DVR systems for businesses can record high resolution images available with up to 32 channels.

IP (Internet protocol) surveillance cameras are increasingly popular; they allow data to be sent via the internet. This means that you can be away from your premises but still log into your system and see real time images of your business or home.

Using camera images as evidence

Business CCTV systems can be used as evidence providing that you comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and that you install, operate and account for CCTV images properly, ensure your CCTV scheme is fit for purpose, ensure picture quality is clear and offers usable images for people and vehicles, check you time and date displays are accurate, check your cameras are covering the right area to the right image standard and train your staff on the CCTV law and operations. You can keep your CCTV recordings for up to 90 days, depending on purposes. Documenting everything you do with the recording process and the images

Pentagon Security provides clear signage to be displayed on your premises to remain lawful and act as a fair warning.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation assessment of your premises security needs and quotation to meet your requirements.

Why you should invest in a CCTV Security System.

CCTV is not only imperative for the safety and security of your premises but can also be used as an excellent management tool. Health and safety can also be enhanced with a CCTV system.



We have found confidence in Pentagon Security’s advice in specifying security solutions for both domestic and commercial properties that we manage and develop. Including CCTV, wireless alarms, door entry systems, determining a specification, installation and maintenance we have experienced a total solution for our security requirements.

Phil and Lyn


'Many thanks for installing our new security systems and bringing us out of the dark ages, whilst we were concerned over the i.t. involved, we can report that using our phones is definitely the way forwards, even for us dinosaurs. The CCTV is amazing, and the alarms being able to be set remotely, a leap forwards, and the remote gate entry an absolute winner. My car insurers did me a better deal this year, once I mentioned the security that you have added, so all round a win win! Even with our poor internet, you overcame all our issues. You have a great team, many thanks Phil and Lyn.'

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